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Quick Fix

March 31, 2011

Since I don’t have a working Ohm, all I could do was trace the obvious problems and fix them.  Here is a link to the MonOhmPad script that should work with Live 8.22.  It will load, but I can’t test it further for a while.  Please provide me with feedback and copies of your log.  Good Luck!


New Toys! ….er, nevermind.

March 31, 2011

New versions of Live and MaxMSP have arrived, and I’m happy to say that it looks very promising.  I see some easy solutions to some problems I’ve been having for a while (especially initialization ordering).  You can look forward to some updates when I have time to sit down and have a look-see.  I’ve been trying to bend my time towards making some music lately, which means that I’m discovering bugs, flaws, and ergonomics issues with all of my patches.  Bad in the short term, but good in the long term as I have a chance to fix things.  Cheers 🙂

edit::  so much for that.  Ableton has changed the remote scripts.  Everything appears to be broken (Hanz’s scripts as well, as far as I can tell).  I would fix my Livid scripts, but….

My Ohm64 has picked today, of all days, to completely take a dump.

Heavy sigh…..

I can’t even switch back to the APC, because my scripts are broken for it, as well.  In any case, it looks like I’ll be fixing the APC scripts first, since I actually have one that works….

Sometimes progress is painful 🙁


Quiet….I’m thinking.

March 15, 2011

I’ve done very little programming for a while.  My head has departed from the: “what can I do with the controllers that exist,” to the : “how can I make the control surface that I really want”.  I’m very happy with the software tools I’ve created, but I don’t wish to write anything further until I’ve decided exactly what I need to incorporate into a final version of Monomodular to support what I have in mind for a “all-inclusive” grid controller.

What does that mean, exactly?  Well, let’s just say this:  it hasn’t been done yet.  When I’ve got a working prototype, I’ll post more details.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to navigate back to older versions of Monomodular to add some stability to them , as well as adding a few new features and fixes to the Ohm64 scripts. 

Coincidentally, as I’m writing this I’ve just received a box in the mail from Mouser…now the fun begins 🙂