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September 22, 2011

First off, it comes to my attention that I’ve not been clear about something regarding how to install Monomodular:


Not just the script for your particular controller (MonOhm, AumPad, BlockPad, etc. ad naseum), but also the Monomodular script.  I’ve ran across several users lately that were having trouble because of this (quite frankly, nothing will work without it).

The good news is that I’ve created an installer for OSX that, with a little guidance from you, will put all the relevant files exactly where they are supposed to go.  Baby steps.  I’ll get there eventually.  Windows users, unfortunately your still going to have to read the directions. Expect the b992 update to be packaged in this manner.

The next release is still a little ways off…I’m in the middle of building two plugins, writing a CS Script for the APC20, and modding the APC40 script.  I’ve also had some freelance work to do, so coding time has been limited to that lately.  Anyway, thanks to those of you that repeat my name a lot, you know who you are; apparently some people have been listening. 

I’m off to EarthDance in Vallejo this weekend to run sound for a truly awesome Bass-centric Electronic event….I’ve worked with less than half of the performers playing there, so in addition to seeing some old acquaintances, I’ll be getting a dose of new music; I’m really looking forward to it!  As always, this is ‘work’ season for me, so free time and free stuff hit the backburner for a while….but fret not, I’m still working almost everyday, and the next release is going to have some really cool goodies in it for some of you.

Its funny: the idea of v.1.0 Monomodular gets closer on any day that I finish a release, and further away the very next when I think of new things that I want to add…someday soon, perhaps 😉


edit::  as an aside, its my intention to get a better svn repository working very soon. Not just with all of the frozen files (as it is currently, and is the reason I haven’t and don’t update it regularly), but instead the unfrozen patches with all their dependencies.  This was the intention at the outset, but requires time and a better file structure than what I’m currently using.  I know this would do at least one person some good (not including myself).


Send me music links:

September 7, 2011

Hey guys,

I’d love to hear some music made with Monomodular, and make it available to other users….I’ve added a little sidebar to the blog with links to material that has been made using Monomodular.  Please chime in and add your creations to the mix!  Just drop me a comment or a mail with the address to link to.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Block/Code scripts, a patch called ‘Binary’ which spans both the Code and any connected grid controller allowing variable speed sequence creation.

In addition, there will be a new timing module available to all Monomod plugins as an alternative to the standard module.  It will allow the timing to be driven by MIDI input to the plugin.  In this way, you can use whatever is connected to the input of the plugin as a timing source, paving the way for some crazy combinations/modularity between different plugins or even from MIDI clips in Live.  Think:  binary ==driving==> tr256 ==driving==> every other monomod plugin for some crazy capabilities in variable timing.  Hard to explain, but as soon as I get my camera back, you’ll see what I mean.  This stuff is almost finished, as I wrote the core of ‘Binary’ a while ago.

Anyway, I’ll be doing Atlantis fest outside OC in L.A. this weekend, second stage I think (running sound, not performing)….if you’re out there, slide on by.  I’ll be getting back to coding in a week or so after I get back.



Squaring the Circle

September 1, 2011

I’ve just gotten back to my Code….I’ve had a terrific idea about how to utilize it and add something truly new and different to Monomodular.  Think:  variable speed everything, with custom groove mapping.  Anyway, I’m working on it as I type, hopefully I’ll have it out soon.  Its funny, I’ve been putting off doing it for a couple of days, and went to bed thinking about it last night, and this morning I had written the entire thing in my sleep….now I just have to find the time to put it together and get it working.

I’ve gone and left my camera in San Francisco, so I can’t film any new stuff.  I was anticipating filming a bit of a live set when I got back (the one that I didn’t end up playing @ GAFFTA), but it didn’t work out.  The ‘secret’ mulitlooper I’ve been building with Monomodular will just have to remain a secret a while longer.  It’s okay, I’m not sure if I’ll be giving it away anyway….its pretty core to my own performance.  But I’m anxious to show it off, as it demonstrates some cool things you can do with the Monomodular framework if you are so inclined.

In the meantime I’ve decided that I will start publishing some practice sessions as I get to know my new controller…I’ve had a few people ask  to hear what I’ve been doing.  So, if you’re interested in some verbose and unedited wanking, look no further than here:

Cheers 🙂