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Wiki wiki wiki wiki

December 30, 2011

Wiki is up and running now….or, I guess I should say there is a reason to go there now:

OSX installer in RC1 now, almost ready….waiting for everyone to chime in that its working.

New, fun things on the horizon….I get my hands on some new, cold, hard, erm….anodized aluminum?…later this week.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….



December 28, 2011

This is the new blog page, and I’ve got some other things cooking in cyber-land as well.  For now, please forgive the mess and poke around if you want.  I’ll be adding things as I get time.

Over to the right, you can see two current projects:

The Wiki will be the home for all of the for Monomodular documentation, which I’ll link to in the individual Mods.  It will make it much easier to document things for me in the long run, and will allow for end-user input as well if any users have helpful links or input.

Ambient Soup (perhaps I should call it Stzoo…) is where I’m going to put recordings I’ve made over the course of working on Monomodular.  Don’t expect much…its nothing but experimentation gone awry.  Still, there’s some crazy stuff in there.

Both of the new installers are all but finished.  I’m waiting for some feedback on the final versions and then I can get back to making stuff that makes noise, for a change.

Love and pulsing rays of multicolored light to all of you for the new year….


p.s. oh and thanks for stopping by 🙂




December 27, 2011

Lemur stuff is up on SVN, for those of you that are waiting.  Ignore the LCD portion, and report errors please 🙂  Far from finished, but plenty functional.  I recommend MyWi if you’re jailbroken, its blazing fast….(how did I not know about that until a week ago?!)

Max4Live native Installers for both platforms are finished, and in the testing stages with several helpful users.  They should be available in several days to the public, and will download direct from the SVN repo to install in the correct places on your system.  If you’re savvy, you can grab stuff from SVN, but the point, I guess, is that things are going to be changing regularly from now on, and the installer will make it much easier to stay in sync if you are so inclined.

I’m focussing on the new website next, which among other things holds a wiki that will be linked to from all of the individual Mods for better documentation (another reason I had to finish the installers).  Hopefully my next blog post will be from there!

I’m trying to get some live music and artwork up there as well this week, so if your interested keep an eye out….so many things to do hehe.

Happy new year to all, its going to be a very interesting one 😉

Stay tuned…..




December 19, 2011

I guess its to be expected when one spends so much time dealing with grids and graphs and squares and angles.  I’ll be turning a corner here soon….but for the moment I seem to have backed myself into one.

Several things are coming down the pipe.  But unfortunately things have gotten out of hand on my end, and I’m not able to accomplish what I want as quickly as I’d like.  So be patient please, and I’ll in turn try to be more patient with myself…

Aside from getting my own Live rig up and running, here’s what I’m currently working on, most of which is finished at this point:

A new Website and Wiki for Mods.
Native Live installer for OSX and Windows (OSX version is mostly done at this point).
Pedal for Looper (plugs directly into OhmRGB/Block expansion port, and soon into Arduino-based hub)
Mystery hardware device 😉  (yeah, I’ve been talking about this one for a while…I’m back on it again).
Looper plugin (getting really close on this one).
AumPad II for Lemur (finished).
Aum256 II for Lemur (finished…I think?).
AumPad update (found some serious bugs…see below).
Aum256 (256 grid – only version of AumPad…this has been finished for a while).
New LCD that contains all compatible scripts in a single device, and also transmits to TouchOSC/Lemur.
Fixes for Tintinambulo (found a few bugs in that one).
New Boids patch (finished…a while ago).
New Conway patch (finished…a while ago).
General speed improvements for MonOhm/AumPad scripts.

Soooo….most of this stuff is ready, but I have the following dilemma:

In order to release all this new stuff and not waste a lot of time packaging it, I need to finish the new installer.

The new installer will take care of most of the difficulty of distribution for me, and allow me to add things a little at a time.

In order to release the new installer, I have to finish designing the wiki and website, which the new installer is dependent upon for documentation, etc.

Consequently, it might be a while before the next official sub-release happens.  I’m trying to get things together as quickly as possible, but I’m actually spending more time on narcissistic exploits right now (things like releasing some old recordings made with Mod and making some new ones).

Here’s the good news:  if you want any of this unreleased stuff, drop me some mail and I’ll happily send you the goods via email along with the new installer if you’re on OSX.  In addition, as soon as I have a chance to check out the newest versions of the files, I’ll add them to SVN and the current install package…there’s just no telling when this is actually going to happen.


Lemur Module on the way…

December 8, 2011

Got the news late last night…Lemur for the iPad.  Something I expected to see, well, about two years ago.

Guys at Liine did a good job, as far as I can tell.  It took me a while of wading through the manual to find out the things I needed to know, but once I found the pertinent information I was up and running.

So you will see a module for lemur that does exactly what the current (unreleased) version of the Aum256 script with the next release.  Its probably going to happen next week…I’m getting impatient about finishing up the Windows version of the installer (due to lack of time/the need to finish installing all of the components on the Windows partition of my dev machine), so all the new stuff will probably get released as a subrelease of b992.

For those of you presently using TouchOSC and AumPad, I can tell you that the Lemur version of Aum256 should be a great deal faster.  Can’t promise anything though….I’ll have to do some testing.  But initially, I’ve been getting much faster results using it.

It makes me wonder why I didn’t just buy a Lemur 2 years ago…..sheesh, I do go the long way around sometimes.

Also, thanks to another user tip, I’ve been alerted to a serious flaw with my last rev of Tintinambulo (the timing engine got taken out and never put back in), so I’m in the process of updating that.

I’ll make another post when I finally get all this stuff published.  I’ve got several other real-life responsibilities at present, so it may be the beginning of next week before you see anything.

I’m starting to feel the overwhelming vastness of all this stuff I’ve been making again….its kind of crippling me.  If I disappear for a bit in the upcoming holiday season, rest assured on I’m working on things, but being quiet about it….




December 3, 2011

I’m posting this from my iPad, since my dev computer has been sufficiently rendered impotent at the moment by my attempts at installing a working version of Boot Camp on it. Please ignore any misspellings or overt sexual innuendos, assume they are the result of ios’s amazing and entertaining spellchecking features.

I’ve been busy lately playing with monomodular, and adapting some new generative plugins for use with the current suite. Also, there will be a new m4l based installer released with the next revision which will allow users to connect to subversion and download the most recent revision of the suite, all from within Live. I’m hoping it doesn’t catch anyone’s computer on fire…. It requires nothing beyond a single .amxd file on macos, but unfortunately will require a java class file to be in the right place for windows users. The osx version is finished and working on several machines, but I haven’t had time to finish the windows version yet (thus the boot camp debacle).

In addition, I’ve finished the 256 TouchOSC patch, but am waiting for release until I finish both installers. I had some strangeness the other night with it, which corroborates someone else’s report of ridiculous latency, so I’m going to examine the situation further before release.

In other news, the looper has undergone some serious surgery and is working better than ever. Hopefully it will make it into the next release. I’m currently building a switch/pedal for it that will connect directly to the block/ohm’s expansion jack and allow direct control of the looper and some scene firing functionality with the next versions of the python scripts.

I’m happy to see more and more people recognizing the potential of monomodular, and the support is greatly appreciated. There are several new videos up on YouTube covering different setups and instructions for use, and I’ll try to link them later when I have a real computer to use again.

I’m trying to get a website together to showcase some of the “music” that I’ve made over the last several years of developing this stuff and to permanently house all the documentation (that I intend to write someday 😉 ).

Happy blinking 🙂