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Devices of Confusion

February 26, 2012

Thanks to some other stuff I’ve been working on for Livid, and a user report a week or two ago, I’ve discovered a major flaw in the DeviceComponent stuff I’ve been working so hard to fix for the b993 release.  This means things will be taking a little longer to fix (since this problem is in, like, all of my scripts), but it also means they’ll hopefully be fixed when you get them.

The problem has been there for a while, and basically causes parameter banking not to work correctly (you get best-of banks when pressing shift to change banks, but a different set of parameters when un-shifted, and you can’t go past bank one).

I’m really curious how I got so far without realizing this, but I guess I use Macros for everything in my set, so I never actually go past the first bank.  Anyway, that will be getting fixed pronto.

Thanks again for user reports….they do help a lot (when I have time to investigate them, anyway 😉 ).




With a little help from my friends….

February 22, 2012

Ok, I’m done mucking about with it.  Despite PLENTY of other obligations right now, I’ve managed to make the necessary changes to the installer and get most of the files together for b993.  Still not public, but if you want to test it and can provide proper feedback for what’s still lacking/not working, then hit me up, as I’m trying to tidy everything up for imminent release.


Thanks, as always 🙂






February 7, 2012

Did you miss me?  Well, I’m not heartbroken if you didn’t, but I’m sorry if you did.

I’ve been extremely busy of late working with Livid, mostly getting ready for the launch of the new min:s collaboration, the CNTRL:R, and its accompanying step sequencer.  I’m officially part of the Livid Instruments team now (and very stoked about that!), so time for my personal pursuits has been slightly curtailed lately.

But don’t fret.  I’m still working on b993, and it is mostly finished at this point.  I’ve found a couple of inadequacies that I’d like to fix for release, and have added a special bonus Lemur template that will probably please some users.

Regarding a project that I’ve mentioned in the recent past:  the ClyphX integration I’ve been contemplating is getting put on the back-burner until I have some more time, but its still on the list of ‘to-dos’, so I’ll get around to it.

I’m also embroiled working as my alter ego, the ‘Recording Engineer’, recording a completely non-electronic solo album for a good friend of mine, so my time has been smeared pretty thin upon the canvas of life for me lately.

Stay in touch if you have any immediate needs regarding the existing stuff, and the time is getting close that I will be giving b993 to some beta testers to make sure that nothing has gone too far awry before a public release.  If you’d like to be included, make sure to drop me some email.

Cheers, and happy blinking 🙂