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November 16, 2012

I’ve added a few vids to the YouTube page describing Hex and Endcoders. ¬†Enjoy ūüôā



Soups Hot!

November 13, 2012

I just dropped some more ambient misdirected weirdness into the pot, there’s enough there to keep you busy and confused for hours and hours. I know I am. Confused.

As always, your comments are welcome, but, well….what is there to say, really?

This ones pretty dark….

Ambient Soup


Permission to scream

November 12, 2012

I hate Windows. ¬†With every inch of my, uhm….hatred. ¬†That said, I love everybody that supports this project, and I know at least half of you are Windows users; ¬†I don’t slight you. ¬†I just can’t get anything done on that platform. ¬†Simple ergonomics are usually my biggest gripe, but at least I can run most things in a virtual machine and benefit from at least some of my usual OSX comforts.

Yesterday, I got some reports that Windows permission issues are fubarring the b994 installation process on Win7. ¬†I thought about it for a bit (and have been thinking about it even longer, believe me), and decided that I’d embark on creating a better solution for Windows users….the Mac installer works pretty darned well, after all, why can’t the Windows installer match its convenience?

Well, as it turns out, it just can’t. ¬†I got sucked into the “Black Hole of Almost There….” yesterday, and only managed to discover that Windows is just plain “STOOPID” where permissions are concerned. ¬†Maybe if I was a “real” programmer, who wrote in low-level languages everyday, this would be trivial for me, but add onto that the fact that writing a Max-external (the solution to the problem, unfortunately) isn’t really even trivial if you write low-level everyday of your life.

I’ve made improvements, it looks prettier, and it doesn’t flash ugly command-prompt boxes at you, but it still doesn’t work as expected half the time. ¬†SOOOOO, if you’re installing things on Windows, follow a few guidelines:

a) ¬†If you’re using Win7 or above, run Live as Administrator.

b) ¬†Place the installation package folder in Live’s Library before starting it.

c) ¬†Don’t blame me, I really DO try.

I’m sure someday it will work right, but honestly I’d rather spend time improving the content than building an installer and writing boring operational level code, so I’m going to leave you with what I’ve got for the moment and come back to it when I’m not quite so angry at the Windows platform.

Oh, yeah: ¬†I’ve updated the installer with a new version, and retagged the version, so if you were having problems installing things yesterday you can try again: ¬†this won’t overwrite anything, it will just install a newly tagged version.

I’ve re-enabled SVN support in the installer for both platforms. ¬†If you want to stay abreast current changes, or open the individual patch content in the m4l editor, I recommend using the SVN button to download from the repository. ¬†This will give you the most current versions of the patches I’m working on in the “Unfrozen Patches” subfolder, which are more easily editable in m4l. ¬†This should solve problems for those of you that were unable to open the frozen patches on Windows.

I’ve also added support for the “Dev” button, which will add a folder to your “clippings” menu in Max for some easy pasting of useful abstractions.

Let me know if the new installer catches anything on fire….




P.S. ¬†…so, that’s what I did instead of shooting videos for you this weekend. ¬†Hmmph.



For the people :)

November 11, 2012


I’ve updated the download links on the right with the b994 release content. ¬†The most significant changes with the new version are Max 6 compatibility, addition of CNTRL:R support for several Codec patches, a new Codec script with additional functionality, and a completely new mod for CNTRL:R (“hex”). ¬†There are many other changes I’ve neglected to note (some of the changes I’ve noted in the readme.txt included with the installer content…honestly, though, I’ve lost track of some of the changes). ¬†Due to multiple computer issues I’ve had over the last month, my working version of these files has been tossed back and forth between machines several times, so please let me know if something has become corrupted or out of date. ¬†I’ve tried to re-test as much of this release as possible, but it’s possible that ¬†some things have gotten by me.

I’ve received reports that the installer is working on all systems, however you may need to select ¬†“Run as administrator” for Live when using the installer on Win7 or Win8 systems, and then browse to the installer patch in Live’s browser in order for it to work. ¬†Also, I’ve heard no reports of succes on Win8 or OSX.8, so I’d appreciate some feedback in this regard. ¬†I’d really like to come up with another installation solution for Windows, but the time commitment is fairly severe for this sort of thing since ultimately it comes down to writing a new external to handle file copying.

I’ve updated some of the documentation on the wiki for the current feature set, including new pages for “hex” and the new Codec controller script. ¬†I’ll attempt to add to these further in the coming week, as well as add some new videos to my YouTube channel for various things (this always takes longer than it should).

First order of business for me is to get all this stuff onto the SVN repo and re-integrate installer support. ¬†I’ve heard that users can’t open the frozen patches on Windows systems, and this at least will allow checkout of all the individual unfrozen files for those that wish to edit some of this stuff.

I have a huge list of new things that will be going into b995, and some additional revisions that you’ll see to individual patches before that. ¬†Some of the additions:

Replacement of Nomeout with a new Python solution.

Monomodular integration of the CNTRL:R surface.

New MonoDeviceComponent for Monomodular.

New Endcoder patch based on the MonoDeviceComponent.

Hex support for Monomodular.

Hex additions for copy/paste of patterns, user customization of mode switching, fixes for FreeWheel mode, and various other improvements based on my experience from continued use of the patch.

As I mentioned before, b995 will probably be the last update for Live 8. ¬†However, I’m hoping that most of the functionality between Live 8 and Live 9 versions of Monomodular will be compatible between both versions; ¬†the jury is still out.

As always, thanks for the support, and let me know if you find anything that’s not working right. ¬†I’ll drop another blog post when I get around to the incremental….if I find any problems, I’ll just update the current package with the updated one and you can re-download and reinstall it.

Happy Blinking!



Good Timing

November 7, 2012

Crisis averted: ¬†dev machine is back in action. ¬† Turned out it was bad RAM (even though I tested it and it got no complaints)….after three complete reinstalls and 5 days, I got things working again.

I want to thank a few users out there that donated some cash to me during that episode to get things going. ¬†You can’t imagine how huge that is for me, both in monetary terms as well as spiritual ones! ¬†It almost covered the cost of the fix, and put me in a good mood besides…when I made the comment about donating, I really thought I was going to have to purchase an entire new machine, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have made it. ¬†In any case, it’s nice to know that my work is valuable in a monetary sense ūüôā

I’ve been steadily testing out the new release for the last week or more, and making little fixes here and there as I find them. ¬†The most time consuming thing for me has been getting hex debugged, and fixing the new timing engine in the MaxLooper plugin so that it syncs up perfectly. ¬†I think I finally accomplished that last night, so we’re ready to go if things work as well when I get home tonight and test everything again.

I think most of you that were chomping at the bit for b994 already have it in your hands now, but just in case you were left out, you can always drop me some mail and I’ll send you a link to the prerelease. ¬†I’ve heard good reports from most of you. ¬†It seems like the most consistent negative report I’ve gotten is that the installer isn’t finding file locations automatically. ¬†Win7_64 bit seems to be the big culprit here, and unfortunately I don’t have a current installation of this (actually, all my windows installs got scrubbed with the dev machine difficulties I had last week, and I’ve just finally finished getting everything mostly back up and running in that regard). ¬†I did get a copy of Win8, though, so I’m going to see if I can make some time to install that and hopefully come up with a solution for both systems.

I’ve not really heard anything regarding Mountain Lion, but I recently made a VM install of it so I can hopefully do some testing soon. ¬†I probably won’t get to it before the release, though, so if you have any input please let me hear it!

Bottom line: ¬†you’ll see b994 public before the weekend is over, “promise”. ¬†I’ll continue to update b994 as I come up with more bugfixes, an update for the installer to bring back SVN support for those of you that want to edit this stuff and can’t open the frozen files, and possibly some new ports of requested patches if time allows.


—In other news: ¬†big changes/improvements coming with Monomodular and Live9. ¬†If any of you are beta-testing Live9, shoot me some mail. ¬†I’ve gotten things working in a preliminary fashion with a couple of the scripts, so rest assured we won’t get left out in the cold with the new update! ¬†And the good news is that only the backend will need to be changed…the m4l stuff seems to work out of the box.

I probably will make one more revision of Monomodular for Live8, which will be bugfixes and improvements to the existing scripts. ¬†You will see a crossplatform solution for multichannel MIDI in b995 which doesn’t require any externals, as it seems like this situation isn’t going to get addressed with Live9. ¬†This will probably be a replacement for the (clumsy) NomeOut system….I haven’t decided whether to leave lh_midi support in or not, and I’d love to hear some opinions from anyone who is using it. ¬†Personally, I will probably switch over to the new scheme if it works as well as it appears to with initial testing, so unless anyone protests I will most likely remove the old stuff for the sake of simplicity.