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SVN on Mountain Lion

January 25, 2013

So, apparently Apple has removed svn command line tools from the standard OSX install starting with 10.8.  News to me…..

Anyway, if you want to install Monomodular from Subversion and you’re not able to do so on 10.8+, that would be the reason why.  You can install the “command line tools” by themselves or do a full install of  XCode4.5 and everything will work as it should; however, you will apparently need an Apple ID in order to even download them.

So here’s a shout-out to Apple for continuing to dumb down my operating system and make things far more complicated than they need to be.  Cheers, Apple!






SVN update

January 18, 2013

Hey all,

I’ve added some files to the repository; it’s not everything that’s done at this point, but I’ll add more as I come across things.  My work is spanned over a couple of machines at the moment so it may be a few days before I get everything in the same place.

You can use the installer patch to download from SVN, it will put the files where they go and tag everything with the correct date so it’s a little less confusing.  The new Python scripts are tagged b995, and there is a folder in the m4l patches sub that is labeled “b995 Stuff”…this has the new Hex and Encoders in it, along with some other stuff I’ve ported over to b995 for my own sets. Let me know what you find in the way of creepy crawlies please.

Before you ask, none of this stuff is Live9 compatible, sorry 🙁




January 17, 2013

I’ve finally gotten around to actively working on the Live9 integration.  It was my intention to release b995 before I made the transition, and although it may still happen, I just have too much to do before I can make the release.  So it’s likely that my plans at having a separate release for b995 incorporating the new stuff (mostly MonoDevice support for existing mods and scripts) will have to wait until I’ve finished everything, even thought there may be two separate releases, one for Live8 and one for Live9.

I still intend on adding the current working versions to the repo at some point so that testing can commence from any parties willing to embark upon such a  journey 😉  Hex is largely finished at this point, and I’ve been using it successfully for some time now, but there are a lot of small changes I want to make before a public release is ready.  I hope to implement all the features I want before release even if they don’t work exactly as desired, so that going forward any presets made on older versions will be compatible with the newer versions.  That’s mostly the delay at this point.

Live9 compatibility for Monomodular probably won’t be released until Live9 is released, it’s that plain and simple.  Ableton’s codebase keeps changing enough between each revision of the beta that it makes little sense for me to do more than a preliminary rewrite of my own material at this point, as it will just be extra work for me when everything is finally committed in the final release.  Sorry for this, you’ll just have to get by on Live8 for now.

I’ve found some ways to further rewrite the scripts that will make it a lot easier for end-user editing and customization (at least in Live8 – Live9 may be another story altogether).  You can look forward to that in the next version, so even if you’re not using m4l there will be some benefits.