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…just send some nice flowers

March 29, 2013

That last post I made was in the midst of some serious illness.  Well, it got better, then turned and got seriously worse.  Where do these mutant virus strains come from?  I almost conviced that they’ve been engineered merely to “piss us off to death”.  This is the sickest I’ve been in my life.  I think I’m finally turning the bend at this point, but if you don’t hear from me in the next week or two, just send some nice flowers.

I did manage to get the AumTroll script mostly ported over to Live9, but other (very overdue) commitments have delayed further work on it.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on things when I’m conscious and able to think straight and not trying to catch up with Livid scripts or commissioned work (which, admittedly, is like never these days, but I see a window coming up ahead).

There’s a copy of the working Monomodular and BlockMod script here, if you need them:

The rest will be along shortly, wagging their little tails behind them.





March 15, 2013

Life has been messing with me a bit lately….sorry for my silence.  Without going into the gory details too much, I’ll just say that some physical and personal issues have been keeping me away from the computer for about two months.  Anyway, I’m mostly back in action, and now that Live 9 has been released, you’ll see some updates to Monomodular in pretty short order.  I’ll probably release a quick compatibility update first (as I’ve had a chance to uncover most of the problems between 8/9 _Frameworks), and then add some stuff for Base and Push once I’ve gotten them in my hands.

For those of you out there that have tried to contact me lately and have not gotten a reply, you have my apologies…I’m very swamped with different projects, and just recently lost about a week to a pretty debilitating virus of some sort.  I’ll be trying to catch up on the backlog over the next week as well as sort out my neglected communications, but please don’t hesitate to send me another email if I’ve left you out.

As always, thanks for the support!