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Monomodular on GitHub

May 4, 2013

I cloned the SVN repository over to GitHub last night, and will try to keep up with it as soon as I can figure out how Git works.  This should make it a bit easier to access the development build via a web portal, among other things.  I’d stayed on SVN because it was a convenient way to transport things via the Max installer patch I made, but that’s no longer the case since OSX doesn’t include SVN command line tools out of the box (nor did Windows ever have it), and its somewhat of a pain to install them if you’re not a developer.

I’ve made steady progress with Live9 scripts.  There are several fixes for MonOhm included in the most current commits.  Also, I’ve subclassed it for use in LemurPad and BlockMod, so future changes/fixes to the MonOhm script will affect all three scripts.  I’m currently working on CNTRL:R in an attempt to make things more managable.  Reorganization is taking longer than I expected, but its necessary before I can really implement the changes I want to make in b996 (big, exciting changes!).

Also, there is a rudimentary implementation for Push included in the current version.  I’ve been using this a bit, and although not complete, it will give you an idea of how things are likely to work in b996.  I’ll be getting rid of the “mod number” system, it seems, and there will hopefully not be a need to have a “Monomodular” script instantiated.  Things will hopefully be getting a lot more transparent.