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Need to Know.

August 20, 2013

Hmmm.  Over two months since I last posted.  Woe.  I say, Woe.

Sorry about that.  Big plans (like the ones I’ve made for b996) have required…um…big planning.  And, mostly, I’ve just been involved in another project.  (Namely, Bitwig integration for Livid controllers.  Which is pretty darned cool, actually).

Since Monomodular is, first and foremost, a framework necessitated by my own musical needs, it stands to reason that I’ve made little progress in its development over the past several months since I haven’t been playing any music.  Various reasons have contributed to this, like moving my studio, having some hardware issues, and some physical injuries that have prevented me from actually playing instruments, but I think that’s largely dealt with now and I can get back to the project at hand.

I have, in fact, been making progress on some things, and some of you may have noticed some regular updates to the GitHub repository for Monomodular.  Although some of these changes are small and mostly responses to bug reports from users, others are more far reaching.  I’ve made considerable changes to the AumPush script, notably in response to the observation that the new mod-selection methods can get tricky when you want to stay focused on a mod.  Now, when pressing “Note” while a mod is selected, the “Note” button will flash (as long as the transport is running), and Push will remain focused on the current mod.

There are many other changes I’ve made under the hood to the AumPush script in preparation for b996 integration, but you won’t see those for a while.

AumBoids has gotten some new features and bug fixes.  It will get some more in short order.  I’ve added a “zone” feature, and will be tweaking its engine a bit to allow individual adjustment of each agents parameters.  I’m personally using this plugin with a monophonic pitch detection patch (included in the b996 folder) to change boid leaders.  When I play a note on the Cello, the boids automatically start following the leader belonging to the step of the scale I play.  Still a work in progress….

Hex has gotten a bunch of bug fixes.  I was having some issues with too many MIDI events being sent when there were a lot of sequences playing, so I tweaked the “note flash” algorithm to prevent it flooding the js-Python bus.  Hopefully this fixes the problem.

My development schedule is rolling back into Live-Land now, so you should see some progress pretty quickly.  I’ve already ported b996 over to AumPush, its just a matter of making things work now (and it’s been working in Base all along, since that’s where I built it).

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Base, you really should.  It’s a pretty sweet controller!