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What the heck is taking so long!?

October 31, 2013

Ummm. Yeah. So…. sorry.

As it happens, I’ve been rather busy. b996 was almost “in the bag”, so to speak, and then Live91beta came along and spanked my little ass. Anyway, we’re getting there. Anyone that’s looked at the GitHub repository lately will have noticed some activity, and quite a few patches in the b996 folder….nevermind that they don’t really work, it’s enough for you that they’re in there, right?

I’d like to ask that anyone having suggestions about features, changes, etc. leave them here.

I’d like to ask that anyone having REAL ISSUES with the codebase please create a GitHub account (if you don’t already have them) and log issues there….it is really helpful in assisting me to keep track of things. It also encourages others to chime in, I think. Or am I talking to my self here? (not surprised….I have been kinda quiet for a while)

Anyway, cheers to all of you out there supporting this stuff I make, just be patient a little longer please. Some big things are coming, I just have to get out of the mire of making the old stuff play nice first. Things will start to move quickly soon, there’s a release candidate out for Live 9.1 so hopefully they’ll finally start changing crucial things and make my life a little easier.

Happy Halloween!!!!


Welcome to aumhaa.

October 31, 2013

You’ve found yourself at amounra’s blog about Monomodular (a.k.a Mod), a place to discuss the progress of a set of musical programming and performance tools written to be used in conjunction with Ableton Live, MaxMSP, and various different types of hardware controllers.

If you’d like to know what it’s all about, please visit the wiki page for more information.

If you’d like access to these tools, please download them from our GitHub repository (there’s a link to the right).

If you’d like to check on the status of the current build, or just read some of the meanderings and ravings of their creator, James Westfall, then read on (at your own risk, of course).

If you’re interested in getting some custom work done for your controller, please drop me a message!