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In the Corner

April 23, 2014

Just stopping by to make a little progress report.

I was really hoping I could roll b996 out with the Live 9.12 release, but it simply didn’t happen. I’ve been having some fundamental problems working out the logistics of how to integrate the new functionality of b996 with the legacy behavior of Monomodular. It didn’t really become apparent until I was forced to work with the new methods on the many different controllers that Monomodular supports…sometimes you just don’t know until you get there. I found quickly that I’d painted myself into a corner with the new methods, and often the only good solution for these types of problems comes at the price of patient and steady gnawing at the issue. At least I’m not wearing a silly hat this time…

I’ve been having some even more fundamental problems with time management and willpower. You see, there exists an inverse ratio here: Willingness to contribute time versus the need to accomplish the task for my personal use (since this is freeware, my real motivation here is for personal use…although, in the end, the stakes are much larger for this release). I only use 2 of these control surfaces, for which the codebase is more or less stable at this point (as well as the mods that I use with them). I’d been remiss to spend a huge amount of time on the rest of the pack until I was sure the methods I’d been using are going to work universally; that’s the whole point, actually. Add to that the demands of my actual “profession(s)”, and what you get is a very cranky coder. Perhaps slightly lazy, as well 😉

Last night while incorporating b996 methods for MonOhm, I finally made the breakthrough, both in design and implementation, that has been holding me back from finishing things up. I won’t go into the details, but you’ll see the new MonOhm script available on github this week.

I had already pushed several of the new scripts to github since my last post. Currently, there are b996 versions available for Base, CNTRLR, Code, LaunchPad, and (shortly) Ohm. The earlier releases were mostly finished, but now they’ll need to be reworked a bit since I’ve concreted the new methods. I’ll also need to do extensive work to all the mods in order to accomodate the new addressing system. Finally, there’s the wonderous joy of documentation. Don’t waste time trying this stuff out unless you really have some time to waste. For more than any other reason, it’s completely disorganized and I won’t have time to document it until it’s finished. However, if you’re interested in testing the final release before it comes out, please drop me a note; I will definitely need some guinea pigs for the installer and scripts, and any volunteers to help document things are more(…more…MORE!) than welcome.

Cheers, happy blinking 🙂