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June 9, 2014

I’ve finished initial versions of all the Python scripts for b996, and updated the repository with them. For those of you that want to check this out, you’ll want to download the github repository and place the folders from within the “Python Scripts” directory inside your copy of Live 9.12’s MIDI Remote Scripts folder. Some of the mod patches work with some of the scripts, but I’ve not had a chance to update everything yet…..that will be the next part of the process. In the meantime, I’d probably stay away from b996 unless you’ve spoken to me personally and I’ve given you the low-down. It will probably be another week before I get the rest of this stuff done.

I had some problems come up when porting the mappings for the Base script, just because the script is so convoluted at this point. In the interest of general forward progress with all the scripts, I’ve gotten side-tracked with rebaking that code…the plan is to have a Scale/DrumPad w/Sequencer available in modMode when a mod isn’t the selected device on the track. It might make it into b996, or it might be b997 before I get this done. Either way, that’s the hold-up right now.

Just a little longer now, it will all be worth it though 😉